about me

Antony Risi is an italian actor and illustrator born in 1992. After the artistic graduation he studied illustration and in the same time approached the theater, studying and working over the years with different artists and theater groups in Italy, Denmark, Poland, Germany and Malaysia, covering the roles of actor, director, playwright, choreographer, set designer, trainer, animator, illustrator, graphic designer and project writer; and working with people of all ages and in various social contexts. From theatres to primary, secondary or private schools, in refugees centres, prison facilities, council houses, shelters for people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, physical or mental disabilities. Since 2014 he participated in exhibitions on national and international territory and  is the winner of several illustration and photography competitions.

Here the groups were he still collaborate:

The Itinerants
Based in Kuala Lumpur, The ItinerAnts dedicates all its work to reach underprivileged communities through the arts, working in refugee camps, centres for seniors, in the streets and courtyards of council flats, prisons, etc.

Teatr Brama Goleniów
Founded by Daniel Jacewicz and based in Goleniów, Teatr Brama worked initially as a drama circle, then was the home theater of the Goleniow Culture House, creating an independent ensemble well-known in Poland today.

Ikarus Stage Arts
Is an international performance group and platform for artistic exploration directed by Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso, Odin Teatret actors. We are a part of NTL – Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, in Holstebro, Denmark since 2017.

The Elp – Cene con delitto
We bring on stage engaging and intriguing Burlesque and Crime Dinners in Northern Italy for parties, events, corporate dinners, bachelorette / bachelorette party and special events.